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Italy Hairstylist : 意大利时尚 è 闻名世界和价值 è 为人人所赏识。意大利美发时尚也不例外。最好的意大利美发师选择了这个网站,以展示其 pi ① 的珍藏精品时尚头发。在这里,你可以找到很多图片的发型、 发型和颜色所有意大利制造。寻找灵感换个新发型吗?你是一名理发师,您想要更新最新的头发时尚图像的意大利专业人员的最佳?访问该网站 !意大利头发时尚收藏很容易就可以咨询,随时查看。È 重要的理发师,告知最新的行业趋势头发上。查看最佳意大利美发师,你可以不断更新新闻 à 风格时装系列。这种方式你可以提供给您的客户只有最好。选择此选项,其美容院美发沙龙是在意大利和国外著名。文体 è 他们的工作为人人所赏识︰ 这些专业人员处理经常看的电影明星、 时尚和电视。

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Gossip & News

17 Jul 19
Antonio Calvo

The Phoenix, a bird that rises from its ashes is the inspiration for this collection. Like this mythical bird, after long periods of intense creation, it is necessary to resurface and create collections just for the mere enjoyment of making them.

Collection: Phoenix
Ph: Danny Goiry
Make-up: Maria Freire
Stylist: Conchi Silvent
Hair Assistant: Justo Seoane


17 Jul 19
Jacks of London Art Crew

Collection: American Boy
Ph: Barry Makariou
Stylist: Riccardo Chiudioni


16 Jul 19
Rainbow Room International

Collection: Power To The Youth
Ph: Aleksandra Modrzejeska
Make-up: Allana McTrusy
Stylist: Rebecca Donaldson


16 Jul 19
Brett MacDonald and John Ross Slane

The hairstylists with their collection, PURItY, have produced a collection of images that are pure in shape, serene in form and fragile in beauty. The global colour palate provides strength to the purity of shape.

Collection: PURItY
Ph: Amy Leonard
Make-up: Elizabeth Hsich
Stylist: Amy Leonard


15 Jul 19

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